Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yves Rocher Intense Kajal review

 *These were sent to me by Yves Rocher, I did not get paid to review them, and all opinions are my own*

I admit, I was kinda scared when I got these in the mail. I'm not a big eyeliner person, and these old-school looking kajals looked a Little scary to me. I have never used this format of eyeliner before, so I did have to do my own bit of research. Just to make sure I was using them correctly.

Price: DKK 99 on the Danish website (prices vary from country to country.)

Packaging: They look kinda like a chubby lipstick tube. And they would probably fit most lipstick storage units. I'm personally pretty neutral on this packaging, it's nothing special, but it's not ugly either. When it comes to quality I think this is great. The lid fits snugly to the base and I even dropped one of them a couple of times with no damage.

These come in 5 limited edition Shades(Rose IndienTerre de Sienne, Feuille d'or, Bleu indigo, Vert de cobalt and one permanent (Black).

I was sent the black and the Vert de cobalt.

 If you are wondering how to use this eyeliner without wearing Down the tip, here is a tip (no pun intended) for you. Align the kajal horizontally with your eye, the tip pointing towards the inner corner of the eye. Close your eye and drag the kajal across, so that the sides touch both upper and lower lash line. And Voila you have lined and tightlined your eye. You can go in with the tip to fill in any spots you may have missed.

It took me a few tries to get the technique right, but once that was done, it was super easy.

I have to say that the greenish liner did not do much for me, it's not very pigmented at all so I gave up on that one. But the black one is extremely intese and creamy.

black: one swipe, green: heavy swatch
These do not claim to be budge proof or waterproof, and they are not. But I'm really impressed with the black kajal! It stayed on strong for most of the day, wich almost never happens on my waterline. And it did not smear. So the black one is definately a Winner in my book.

I really do like the black one, although black liner does look a Little harsh on me. I wish they made a chocolate Brown one, I would Wear the sh** out of that! I would say to skip on the green one, it just lacks pigmentation so bad that it's not worth trying to apply. I don't know how the other colors are, but I would love to try the bronzey shade and even the rosey shade as well.

The black kajal is definately worth every single penny, but please don't bother with the green one.

Have any of you tried these? what did you think of them? does this kajal format speak to you, or are you more of a pencil gal/guy?



  1. I've never seen eyeliners like that before. They look really nice on you x

    1. Thanks Hannah :) yeah, no one seems to make them like this anymore. As far as I can tell this is the good old fashioned middle eastern type of kajal.


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