Sunday, April 26, 2015

Feeling confident!

I am a BIG girl, and I have always struggled with my weight. But as I'm getting older, I am starting to feel more and more comfortable in my own skin.

But I still have days when I feel like the ugliest person on earth. I get mean comments in public. Some people think it's ok to point and laugh at me or tell me that I am fat... you know.. just in case I didn't already know that? And yes, I cry sometimes when I am alone.

Well today I am feeling really really pretty and nobody can ruin my good mood. I am posting a full body Picture, wich is something I never do, and I'm actually liking what I see!

Incredible what makeup and the right outfit can do right? WRONG! it's incredible what CONFIDENCE can do!

Well I am here to tell you all, that even if you may think you are ugly, you are not! There will always be someone out there that does not like the way you look, but there will also be people out there that think you are perfect just the way you are! We all have flaws and imperfections. Even celebrities and models are not perfect without their precious Photoshop. All makeup looks obvious if you get close enough, nobody is airbrushed in real life and we can't run around sucking our gut in and making duck faces all day. You are prettier than you give yourself credit for.!

But in the end it does not really matter how we look, it matters how we feel about ourselves. I cant base my unhappyness on my looks, that's just way too stupid. I know I am a good person and a good friend, and that makes me proud more than any good hair day can ever do.

I feel like society focuses waaaay too much on looking like a million dollars all day every day instead of focusing on other important Things, like being kind to one another.

Stop with the skinny shaming! stop with the fat shaming! stop judging people because you think they are ugly!

wow, that was quite the rant huh? well I just wanted to say to you Guys, Hi I'm Rikke, I'm fat, I cry sometimes, but I love myself and I feel pretty! And you know what? I love you too! and YOU are beautiful!

Lots of love from the XXXL hottie aka Loevens ;)



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