Saturday, April 11, 2015

How I edit my blogs pictures

I'm definately not a skilled photographer! In fact I don't even have a camera. I just use my phone or my Samsung tablet. So I definately need all the help I  can get, when it comes to lighting and editing. I thought it could be useful to some of you, so I today I want to share some of my tips and tricks.

Old Picture taken by my window.

1.  natural lightging:
I prefer to use daylight. I often take Pictures by the window in my livingroom, as this is the brightest spot in my appartment. I try not to put the product in direct sunligt, but in the shade of a well lit window seems to do the trick.

homemade lightbox
2. artificial lighting:
I can't afford to go out and buy fancy light boxes. So I asked my dad, if he think he could make one. I gave him a drawing, with some instructions, and he made me a simple light box that Works pretty well. Mine is made up of a wooden frame with White fabric on top and on the sides. We painted it White. Then I just bought some LED strip lanterns to shine through the fabric in the sides and top. This does a pretty good job on a gloomy day. I could use some brighter lights though, but those should be easily obtainable. You can add a backdrop made from stiff thick paper to get rid of any lines, but I often don't bother.

3. Editing:
I use 2-3 programs for editing. These are all free. I probably could get away with using just one if I was willing to pay for a program. But I'm cheap so I won't haha.
Paint: Aaah god old paint... I use this to scale Down my Pictures and correct minor Things.
Picasa: I use Picasa to crop, correct and to adjust light and shadows on a Picture. This is a free downloadable program (download here) It's pretty easy to use. You can even add text and effects and I also use this to watermark my Photos (when I remember to)
FotoFuze: This is a pretty handy Little webtool (link here) I use this to clean up my Pictures. It did take a little practise but once I got the hang of it, I couldn't stop using it.
In the Picture above you can see the effects of FotoFuze. The left Picture was taken by my window, I then cropped it and adjusted the brightness in Picasa and edited it in FotoFuze before adding a watermark in Picasa. I definately think the right side looks a lot better don't you?
So that's pretty much all I do, when it comes to editing Pictures. I have never used Photoshop (I'm not that skilled).
I don't like to edit Pictures of myself too much. I tend to adjust the colors and saturation to make the makeup look show up better as my "camera" tends to wash me out a bit. When I do close ups of lip swatches I never edit the actual lip area, I want you to see the true texture, so you know what you get. I do tend to blur out the surrounding skin around the mouth area, let's be honest here... snapping a Picture SO close up, is NOT flattering and it makes my skin look more textured than it actually is. So when editiong Pictures of myself I always try to make the Picture look like what I would see when I look at myself in the mirror.
I hope you found this post helpful. And if you have any questions about how I do anything, please feel free to ask me



  1. This is such a helpful post. I have always wondered about the lighting and background of images of the products. I think I am going to make myself a lightbox too.
    I just signed up for fotofuze. Thank you so much for this was extremely helpful.


    1. Thanks, I'm glad you found it helpfull. If you google diy lightbox, you should be able to find some instructions.

  2. Thank you. yes, I am thinking of making one with thermocol and white paper so that I can discard it and make new ones again because it gets very dusty at my place and there seems to be nothing which helps. :(


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