Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The strange ways of a beauty blogger

I'm not always the easiest person to understand. Just ask my parents, friends or especially my boyfriend. When I lived with my boyfriend, one of the things that annoyed him, was my tendancy to leave makeup products laying around in the strangest Places. Sorry babe.  So I thought it would be fun to dive into some of my strange and quirky beauty blogger behavior.

My name is Rikke/Loevens and I'm a makeup a' holic...

Running around with just half my face done:
This happends more than I'm willing to admit. I'm always trying out new products... So much product so few eyeballs right? If you were to visit me unanounced you would be sure to be greeted by a strangely skitzofrenic face. I often test out new eye looks and sometimes I can't be bothered to do the same look on both eyes. So I often end up with 2 different eyes... It's all in the name of research... right...

Swatches everywhere:
I can't see a product without swatching it. Most people would probably remember to wipe the swatches off Again. But not me... I quite often forget them and have been seen at sushi Places, bars, events etc. with swatches on my arms. At first, I got embarrassed by this. But now I don't even care. If anyone asks my what that Black mark on my arm is I will just say "oh that's perversion" and let them think I'm a nutcase.

Going to the local drugstore for toothpaste, coming out with lipstick and no toothpaste:
No comments...

Finding makeup in places it shouldnt be:
Under the couch, in my fridge, on top of the tv, in my bed... You name it, it's been found there. It's not that I constantly apply makeup before bedtime or anything. But I'm a mess. I make messes and cause Chaos in my household. Hehe. Also I always have products that I'm trying to use up, and my faulty logic tells me, that if I can easily see the product then I'm probably more likely to use it. So to me, lipgloss in the fridge makes perfect sense and foot cream on the pillow is a no brainer... right? Right?

Taking naps "to test out products durability":
Ok this one is mostly just because I like to nap. But I have been known to nap, wearing a full face of makeup and a bright red lipstick. So when you see me with perfect makeup and I say "I woke up like this" I actually mean it.

Bursting to talk about makeup:
You know that crazy lady on the corner of your street, talking about "the end is nigh"? well put her in a makeup aisle and you pretty much have me... Not that I'm chatting up strangers to tell them the World is going to end. But I often hang around a Little too long at the makeup counnter. Giving advice to anyone who is willing (and sometimes unwlling) to hear it. This one I'm not so proud of.

Not using a new product for weeks, because I need to take Pictures first:
If you are a beauty blogger you can probably relate. This is especially a "problem" for me in the Winter. I rush out to buy the newest products, only to not review them for weeks because the lighting was too bad to take a Picture, and I didn't want to mess up the product before I could take a Picture...

Not being able to look at regular furniture without thinking makeup storage:
This kinda ties in with my strange ability to leave makeup laying around everywhere. But honestly I can't look at a shelf without thinking what makeup I could potentially store there.

Spending all my Money on makeup when I really need new clothes:
Causing me to walk around with a hole in my T-shirt.. Looking like a homeless person from my neck Down. But what a glamorous homeless person I am!  "Seriously... you could buy 30 lipsticks for the Price of those shoes" isn't an uncommon phrase for me.

I hope you had fun reading about my quirks... Do share yours in the comments :) I'd love to know I'm not the only crazy makeup lady out there.



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    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I felt a Little crazy writing it, but I thought somebody could get a good laugh out of it :)


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