Monday, April 13, 2015

What's in my "weekend" makeup bag.

So it's that time of the week Again. Time to go visit my Boo/Bae/whatever ;) To be honest I always get all dolled up when I go to visit him, probably to make up for the fact that I hardly bother wearing makeup for the rest of my stay hehe. But I do always pack a makeup bag, just in case I do feel like gettin' all purdy like.
I normally try and cram everything I need into my large purse, so in order to save some space, I try pack my most versatile products. These are the makeup products I'm bringing this time.
The Gosh mineral Foundation seems like a nice choice, no need to carry both a bottle of Foundation and a compact powder with this.
Also The I Heart makeup, GO! palette seems like a great choice, with 6 eyeshadows 1 blush, 1 matte bronzer and a highlight crammed into one palette about the size of a CD.
The Maybelline elixir is also pretty versatile. While it offers a nice wash of color it's also a good replacement for a lip balm.
I always pack my Egyptian magic cream, as it Works as both a makeup remover, cleanser, eye cream, night cream and day cream and balm. So that saves a lot of room as well. Paired with a few cotton rounds this will get me far.
So besides the obvious items, like a hair brush, deodorant and clean undies etc. that's pretty much all I need to "maintain" myself whilst being away for a few days.
What are some of your favorite products to travel with?


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