Sunday, April 19, 2015

Y.E.T Cuty lip balm

I'm addicted to lip balm, and cute packaging. So when I first saw this Little lip balm from Y.E.T I had to have it. Y.E.T. is a Korean brand that can be purchased at Korea Depart.

Price: $2,40

Packaging: Extremely cute packaging! The actual jar is really nice as well. It does not feel cheap at all. And I have not seen any sign of wear yet, even though I have kept it in my purse for a long time. You get 5,8 grams of product.

This balm comes in 3 flavors: grape, strawberry and orange. I bought the grape flavor.

Although the balm has color to it, it goes on clear wich I was hoping it would. It has not glitter og color to it, so it's just your average scented lip balm.

It's really nice on the lips, very smooth and comfortable, not waxy at all.

I really enjoy the scent and the cute packaging and it's definately worth the tiny Price tag. And I definately want to get the 2 other flavors. It's not an amazing wonder balm, but it does what a balm should do, wich is hydrate and smoothe. So I'm pretty pleased with it.

I know this is quite a short review, but what more is there to say? it's lip balm, it Works well, smells nice and looks cute. I recommend it, if you are looking for something cute to keep in your purse.
Have any of you tried it?



  1. Very affordable.. Looks real good!

  2. This looks like a good lip balm and i love the color too x

    1. It's definately nice for the Price. And with the yummy scent and cute packaging, it's a bargain.


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