Monday, April 6, 2015

Yves Rocher Botanical slimming key cure for stubborn zones

 *I recieved this product for review consideration, I am not paid by Yves Rocher*
I was really skeptical of this product, I don't believe that you can slather on a cream or gel and melt away your cellutlite or fat. But I wanted to give this a shot, so I decided to try it out, and document it.
Price: DKK 139 or about 14£ on Yves Rocher Denmark's website. Price and availability may vary from country to country.
Packaging: You get a cylindrical tube with a nice pump on it. When you first get it, the product is divided into 2 sections. You must peel the safety off the bottom and push it to release the active ingredients into the gel. Shake well. You get 15 ml of product.

I could not really find a lot of information abou this product anywhere, so I was a little confused about what it was supposed to do. I've later learned that it's for stubborn areas with cellulite and fat. I'm one big cellulite dimple, so I had no idea where to begin. I decided to use this on my double (triple?) chin to see if it had any slimming effect there.

The first time I used it, I did get a slight warm tingly sensation on the area, but I have not experienced that sensation since and it was not unpleasant.

You are supposed to rub 1-2 pumps into the area morning and evening for a week, using circular motions. I did that for about 10 days, and I still have a lot of product left, so my concerns about not having enough product, was put to shame.

1st row: day 1
2nd row: day 4
3rd row: day 10
In the Picture above, you can see my progress. I have to say, that I have also been eating better and working out more than usual, so please keep that in mind. Also it was hard to get the exact same angle each time so there will be a difference in the angle of the Pictures.

So does this work? Yes, I believe it does. I saw a difference within a few days, but after day 4 I don't think much happened. I think the product combined with the circular motions adds blood flow to the area and helps you rid that area of excess fluids. That's what I feel like it has done for me at least.

Is it a magical fat burning miracle? probably not. I doubt I could rub this all over my belly and see a diffence there.

Although I do see a difference when looking at myself in the mirror, I'm not sure if I would repurchase this Again, and I'm not sure if you would go back to "normal" once you stop using it. I have not used it for a few days now, and so far so good. But I think this is a bit pricey, and I'm still skeptical of these sort of products. But once I have lost some more wheight and Things start to get a little difficult, I may pick up one of these, just to see if they can help out a little.

Have your tried this, or anything like this? Did it work for you?



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  2. I have tried a thigh cream years ago and it did work, the only downside was that as soon as I stopped using it the smoothness ended. Reminds me I should pick some up before pool party season starts. It really does look like it worked on you. :)

    1. Yeah I feel like it actually worked, and so far it has not gone back to the way it was before. fingers crossed it will last.


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