Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo? Say what?!?

As I'm writing this, I have to hold on to my table, not to fall over. I am seriously Dizzy and have a bad case of vertigo.

I wanted to put up product post today, but I decided to go to the doctor instead.

I'm calling my ear doctor tomorrow as my doctor told me I may be suffering from Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo - wich actually just Means dizzyness from having a dislocated stone in your ear. No I did not put it there myself haha, it's something we all naturally have in our ears, but sometimes they travel to a part of the ear where they are not supposed to be, and that causes vertigo and dizzyness.

So I can't really look at a screen for very long, before I have to close my eyes.

I hope to have this fixed soon, so I can get back to blogging.



  1. Hey, I am sure your are going to be fit and fine soon. Sending you a lot of good wishes.

  2. you poor thing! I suffered from this after I had my daughter and it plagued me for years.
    I know exactly how you feel so I send you many get well wishes and hope it is a one off experience for you and not something recurring as it is with me. x

    1. Thanks sweetie :-) I dont know much about this. Would you be sick constantly until you got treatment? Or would yours Come an go though out the Day? I'm feeling fine one minute and really bad the next minute but it's there every Day. Also closing my eyes helps a bit.

  3. Love your blog!! So informative!! =]


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