Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dresslink wishlist!

 *This is a sponsored post, I did not get paid, but I will be recieving a few free products for review purposes*
Dresslink.com contacted me about a little cooperation, and after taking a look at their website I was so excited. Dresslink.com offers cheap clothing, shoes, underwear, baby items, a tonne of different accessories and much more. I have made a little wish list of some of the items that I'm personally interested in. They have a lot of amazing looking clothes, but I am a plus size and I don't think I would be able to fit any of it, although they carry up to 4XL in some clothing items. If you see anything you like, click the product name, and the link will take you to the product on Dresslink's website.
Hair Donut: $1,71

I have been wanting one of these hair Donuts for ages, I just haven't gotten around to purchasing one yet. My hair has gotten pretty long and I think I could do some really cute summer styles with ones of these.
Ok ok.. This is a little out of character for me. I just had a browse in the baby section, as you sometimes do... Just too look at things and go "oooh that's sooo cute". And I stumbled upon this one. My neighbor has the cutest little boy, and he loves Olaf! so I really want to get him one of these for his birthday.
These just look amazing! I need to get my hands on this brush set. I love big soft fluffy brushes, and these look like they are going to be very soft. For $5,67 it's worth a shot.
My old handbag is Falling apart at the seems. And I can't justify spending $200 on the handbag I want. So this would be perfect as a temporary replacement. I have no idea what the quality will be like, but hey it's $3,45 if it lasts a few months I'm happy with that.

I desperately need to start thinking about summer footwear. I broke my last pair of sandals last summer, so I need some new ones. I thought these would be nice for relaxing days in the garden. Again for $2,94 they probably won't last forever, but if I can get a  few uses out of them I'd be happy.
I'm slowly starting to plan for my summer wedding next year, and I saw a few things on their site that peaked my interest. Would you guys like me to do a wedding related post, with cheap alternatives and such? Have any of you ordered from Dresslink before? if so, what did you get?



  1. I have those exact same brushes (except I got mine off ebay) and they are fantastic. So soft and dense. Only downside is that the eyebrushes are way too big for me to actually use around the eyes, but they are great for blending concealer, powdering the undereye, things like that. Bonus points for the short handle, since I wear glasses I have to get real close to the mirror to do my makeup and with long handled brushes they keep knocking the mirror, and these don't :)

    1. Uuuuh now I want them even more! Yeah I thought those smaller brushes would be nice for concealer and setting the under eye. Thanks for letting me know :) Now I really want these hehe :)

  2. I have those brushes and they are almost as good as Sigma brushes ( even though they make no such claims either ).

    1. Dresslink is sending them to me YAY... I can't wait to try them out!


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