Wednesday, May 6, 2015

FOTD - black lips?

I never Wear bold or bright colors, not even on my lips. I think the "craziest" lip color I may Wear is orange in the summer. But that's about it. I have been looking at lipsticks and glosses from Gerard cosmetics all day, and I "accidentally"  bought a blue/lilac gloss along some more "normal" Shades. I was soo tempted to get the Black and White glosses. Not sure why, but they were just screaming my name.

I decided not to get them, and instead test out the Black lip first. I took my most creamy Black liner and filled in my lips, and Applied a tiny bit of MAC Cyber on top, just to add some moisture. And I may be crazy, but I like it!

I think this suits me a lot better than any bright pink or pastelle color could ever do. So I'm pleasantly surprised. Now my next problem is just to Wear it out in public. Do I dare to do that? not sure yet. I definately want to Wear it, but I'm not THAT confident just yet.

For my eye look today I'm just wearing a matte warm camel shade in the crease, and Urban Decay moon dust in "solstice" all over the lid. I'm diggin' that eyeshadows right now. And I will have a review up later this week, if all goes according to plan.

I'm going out for sushi tonight, and I better switch this Black "lipstick" out with a balm, I don't want to make a mess while eating hehe.



  1. I love it, it looks great. I have a collection of unusual colored lipsticks such as back, blue, yellow and green. My favorite unusual color is Illamasqua Apocalips, which is a teal color. I wear it out quite a lot and usually get people staring at me, I just ignore them x

    1. The thing is, I don't even think this looks that bold on me, and I think it makes my teeth look a lot whiter and my eyes look more blue. I think you are SO brave for wearing all those bold colors. I wish teal would suit me, but my hair is still too warm toned for it. But once I go platinum blonde, you bettr believe I'll be rocking some color :)


  2. cute lip color!!

    1. I didn't think I would like it, but I love it! much more wearable than I had imagined.

  3. I think it looks great! I love bold colors and especially dark ones. Work it!


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