Thursday, May 28, 2015

Maybelline Color elixirs

maybelline color elixir
When these first launched in Denmark, I was sooo super excited. I've been wanting to get them for a long long time. But unfortunately the shade I really really wanted (mauve mystique), is the only shade in the collection, that we don't have in Denmark, why they decided not to get that one, I have no idea! So I went on Ebay and got that one.
Shades: Caramel infused, mauve mystique.
Price: $13 in Denmark, wich is CRAZY! And about $6 in the US.
Packaging: I really like the packaging on these. I love the design, with the clear plastic, and the colored plastic shaped like a lipstick bullet. The color you see in the packaging is not the actual product though. I also really like the apllicators, they are nice and soft, and holds a good amount of product. In the Picture above, you can see some slight variations in the packaging, The left is the US one and the right one is the Danish one.
Let me start by saying that these have a perfumey taste, that I'm not that fond of. They do also have a slightly perfumey/sweet scent, wich isn't that bad. But I can look past the taste because these are so amazing!
I love the formula of these, they are sooo comfortable on the lips, they feel balmy and lovely, with a slight thickness to them, without feeling sticky at all. They work really well in combination with a lipstick, and that's what I mostly use them for. They are somewhat sheer, but buildable, and you do pretty much get the color you see on the wand, just a little sheered out.

I really really like these! I think they feel amazing on the lips, and I like how glossy and nice they look. My favorite way to wear them is on top of a liquid lipstick (the kind that dries down and lasts all day) Somehow, this gloss kinda melts into the liquid lipstick and creates a whole new glossy long lasting liquid lipstick, the glossyness will hang around for hours!
On their own, the lasting power is somewhat what you would expect for a non-sticky gloss. It's not incredibly long wearing, but I don't mind reapplying. I think these are comparable to the L'oreal colour riche extraordinaire lip colors, in both the way they look and feel on the lips.
I definately recommend these, and I will continue to build my Collection of these, hopefully there will be a few new shades added every now and then. I want more!

Top: Mauve Mystique.
Bottom: Caramel infused



  1. Great colors, love the mauve color :)

    1. That's my favorite of the 2, but I really like them both a lot. They are amazing, paired with a nude lipstick or a liner.

  2. Great colors! Love the mauve one!


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