Sunday, June 14, 2015

30 days 30 lipsticks #2

*updated - I added the sunday look*
Wow lipstick month is almost half way over! I'm having a lot of fun, picking a new lipstick every single day, but I have to admit, that I sometimes almost forget to photgraph it. Today I have 6 looks for you. I'm missing my sunday look, I have to make this post on saturday, as I'm going to my boyfriends place this sunday. I'll make sure to add my Sunday look to this post later. I'm really trying, to not just pick a neutral lipstick every single day, but I do have mostly neutral lippies, so it's hard to only pick colorful bright ones. I think it's really fun to see, how different i look from day to day.
Here was last weeks Pictures, I was feeling a litte sick last week, and I think it shows in the Pictures. I can't wait to start working on next weeks posts soon. I hope you are all having an amazing sunday.



  1. I love the YSL it warms up your face perfectly

    1. Thank you Louisiane :) I'm also wearing a tonne of bronzer in that Picture hehe.

  2. Nice lip colors!


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