Friday, June 26, 2015

Dresslink brush set!

*I was sent these brushes from Dresslink, to review. I am not paid to write about them, and our agreement was, that I wrote one collective review of everything I was sent. So this review is not part of the agreement, I am doing this because I want to review them. All opinions are 100% genuine and my own.*
Price:$5,67 here, Shipping not included. Shipping can get a little pricey though.
This is a set of 8 no name brushes. 4 big face brushes and 4 small eye and face brushes. The first Things I noticed when first recieving these were, that the handle seemed to be great quality, and the brushes seem soft. Although there were a few stray brush hairs, some shedding and overall a bit of uneven-ness in the cut of the hairs.
I have since washed and trimmed them a bit. Most of the odd long hairs fell off after a wash, and they now look more evenly cut. They have held up perfectly so far, and I have washed them 2 times. Shedding seems to also have stopped, it wasn't crazy to begin with though, but it was there.
I actually really do enjoy these brushes. They are very soft and dense and they Work well for buffing and blending. I'm not sure how to use every single brush, as these comes with no directions or names, but I have found some good use for most of them.
Don't they look super soft?
As they have no name, I have given them each a number 1-8 (1 being the first brush in the Picture above and 8 being the last).
1. This reminds me of the ELF studio flat top powder brush, wich is one of my favorite brushes. I use this mostly for powder or liquid Foundation.
2. Not sure how to use this yet. I have used it for contouring and for setting my undereyes, but not a must have brush for me.
3. This is a great little buffer brush, I use it mostly for cream products like cream blush and cream contour and it Works really really well.
4. This is an angled brush, I don't really use it that much, but when I do, I use it for powder blush, and contouring.
5. I don't really use this brush, it's got a flat top, so I wouldn't use it for blending out eyeshadow. Maybe it would be good for contouring the nose and such, I think I have contoured my nose 2 times in my makeup life, so it's not something I really do.
6. This one I use for concealer and it works pretty great for blending out everything. Definately getting some use out of this one.
7. This is a great eyeshadow blending brush. I really love a good blending brush, but I haven't really shown this much love yet. I'm a creature of habit, and I have used my current eye brushes for over 3 years, so it takes some time for me to adjust to this new one, but it does work really well.
8. This is a small angled brush, I haven't really found a use for this yet. It's to small and not dense enough to keep it's angled shape.

although I haven't found a use for every single brush in this kit, I have to say I'm pretty pleased with these. The quality is not bad at all, and reminds me of the ELF studio brushes. So It's not high end quality but very very good quality none the less So far, they are holding up pretty well, and have stopped shedding. I definately recommend these to anyone trying to build up a brush Collection, these are great starter brushes. So definately go check them out, you can't beat that price.



  1. These brushes sound like a great deal even if I wasn't going to use all of them. Thank-you for the information & honest review!

    1. It's a super deal. I would pay this for just one brush, so getting this many is such a bargain.


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