Sunday, June 21, 2015

Essence Cinderella highlighter

This beauty was part of the Essence Cinderella trend edition. I was not going to write about it at first, but seing how it's still available on Kosmetik4less, I thought I would talk about this pretty highlighter today.

Price: €3,25 at Kosmetik4less

Packaging: Clear plastic packaging. Some may not enjoy this type og packaging, but I love it! Essence makes a lot of clear plastic packaging and I dig it! The pretty silver lettering will eventually rub off though. It feels sturdy and I have traveled with this on several occasions. You get 9 grams of product.

I have been using this almost every single day for weeks now. I absolutely love this for an everyday highlighter. It's not extremely glittery or shimmery at all. It's a very subtle pearly whiteish pink highlighter. It's great for an everyday subtle highlight and it just brightens up my face so much. I really really enjoy the pinky glow it gives me.

And can we talk about the pretty embossed flowers? I have been using this a lot, and the flowers are still very visible. I dread the day, when I have completely worn Down the pretty design. 

Staying power is average, highlighters never wear on me for the entire day, but this did not fade any quicker than any of my other highlights.

I'm super glad I decided to pick this one up, not only because it's Disney's Cinderella, but it's actually really really good. I love this for everyday makeup looks, and I'm afraid I'm going to use this up too quickly. The makeup collector in me, wants to buy an extra, just to collect and never use, but that's just silly right?

I definately recommend, that you check this pretty highlighter out before it's gone forever. It's super affordable, pretty and amazing. I'm in love!



  1. This is super gorgeous! I have to check if it is still in stores! :D

    1. I doubt that it's still available in stores. But it's on and they ship internationally, so you can get it there for now.

    2. Thanks! :) I'll have a look!


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