Monday, June 29, 2015

Lipstick purge!

Lipstick month is coming to an end. And what better way to shut this down, than a lipstick purge. I've shown you my big lipstick Collection and it's way bigger than it should be. So I have decided to get rid of some lipsticks. I did recently take a lot of my unwanted lipsticks and mixed and melted them into a lip palette, so I don't have as many lipsticks to part with today. Some of these are very very old, and I will ofcourse throw those out. But for the newer ones, I will try and find them a home amongst my friends. So I'm not just going to throw them all out.
I'm getting rid of my Astor, GOSH, W7, Rimmel and LA Colors lipsticks because the colors are just wrong for me, none of these are too old, so I will be sending these to a new home.
The Chanel and NYX lipsticks are way too old, so they need to go. I have been wanting to part with them several times, but I just never got around to it. That Chanel lipstick was hella expensive.
The Etude house lipstick has an awfull taste and I will throw that out.
The Makeup Revolution lipstick is not old and the color is actually nice. But the texture has been off from the moment I got it. And I think the packaging has broken, it keeps leaking oil from somewhere. So I have to get rid of it.
I know this wasn't that big of a purge. But I recently did a lipstick purge, so I'm pretty pleased that I was actually able to let go of anything at all. I also really want to thank you all for the massive support you have all shown me this month. You have no idea, how happy it makes me, when you leave a comment or write me on facebook. So thank you so much everyone, there will definately be another theme month soon. I will do a Lipstick month Finale, with a summary of all the posts, it will be up tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for supporting me.


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