Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipsticks

Today we are continuing in the spirit of lipstick month. If you haven't already entered my lipstick giveaway, make sure you do, I'm giving away 5 amazing lipsticks this month. Today I will be reviewing the new Makeup Revolution Iconic pro lipsticks.

Price: £2,49 or about $3,73 on Makeup Revolutions website

Packaging: This is definately a step up, from their regular £1 lipsticks. The packaging seems to be inspired by MAC or Gerard cosmetics, probalby most likely MAC. Although this is a very affordable lipstick, and that is slightly reflected in the feel of the packaging. I have to say that I think they did a decent job. They are much sturdier than their £1 "cousins" and even seem sturdier than the Gerard cosmetics lipticks. I love the Rose gold detailing and the fact that the cap fits snugly onto the lipstick. These won't come undone in your purse, like the £1 lippies did with me.

Let's start with scent and taste, these fortunately for me, have no taste what so ever! yay! Unfortunately they do have the same scent as their #liphugs, it's quite coconutty/sunscreeny and it reminds me of the scent of toy makeup. I know a lot of people like this scent. But as I mentioned with the #liphugs it's not my favorite.
I really like the formula on these lipsticks. It's very light weight and almost feels like nothing on the lips. They do feel slightly dry upon application, but they seem to melt into the lips once they warm up slightly. I'm also really impressed with how forgiving their pale nudes are. Some pale colors go on streaky or patchy and cling to dry bits. I had extremely dry and patchy lips, the day I swatched these and I'm impressed how flawless they go on. No streaking, no patchy dry bits! Definately a thumbs up! I haven't tried the deeper Shades yet, but I expect them to be just as great if not better, as pale Shades seem to be the hardest to get right.
When it comes to staying power, I'm sure the deeper Shades will stay on nicer than the pale Shades. But my 2 nude Shades, stayed on quite nicely and definately longer than the £1 lipsticks. But don't expect them to stay on for more than 3-4 hours depending on what shade you get. I still think that's pretty decent.

I got 2 very similar Shades "You're a star" and "absolutely flawless" the difference between these 2 Shades is minimal, but there is a slight difference in tone. "You're a star" is more cool toned and slightly pink with a pretty much undetectable Pearl in it (pretty much only visible in the tube) And "absolutely flawless" is slightly more warm and Brown. These are great everyday Shades for me, but I think they may be too light for me once I get a tan. So these 2 Shades are definately not for everyone, seing how pale I am.
Top: You're a star. Bottom: Absolutely flawless
Overall I'm really impressed with the formula and the texture of these lipsticks. I definately want to try more of them. I think they are absolutely beautiful and definately worth checking out. Have you tried these lipsticks? what did you think of them?


  1. At first glance, i thought these were MAC Lipsticks. But, whatever they look like, the product sounds good. Not sure if I would hate the scent as well.

    1. Yes, they do look similar to MAC. Fortunately the scent does not linger on the lips, so it's not too bad.


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