Saturday, June 20, 2015

I'm taking in water, like a sinking boat!

Pictures taken only 2 days apart
I have decided that there will be no 30 days 30 lipsticks post up tomorrow. I've been feeling strange for a long time now, and I'm still geting tested at the hospital (I'm pretty sure it's NOT serious) But I'm taking in Water, like a boat with a big hole in it. My face, body and feet are swollen and my skin has become red and blotchy. So I'm just not looking or feeling my best. The 2 Pictures are taken only 2 days apart, and I think you can tell that the Picture on the right a much more puffy, bloated and tired version of what I normally look like. I'm getting some results about my Thyroid this wednesday, hopefully I'll know a Little bit more, about what's going on with me then. I'm not feeling super sick or anything, but something is off for sure. I'll still be posting reviews and what not, but I'm laying off the selfies for now hehe.

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