Friday, June 5, 2015

why you should wear matte lipstick this summer!

Did you know, that lipstick was originally used, to protect the lips from the elements? In ancient Egypt "lipstick" was worn by both men and women, to protect the lips against the elements. Our lips are very sensitive to the sun, as our lips only produce a small amount of melanin.

That's why it can actually be a good idea to wear lipstick to protect your lips against the sun. But don't throw on your prettiest sparkly or glossy lip product, these reflect the sunlight, and won't do you any good in the battle against sun-damage.

That's where the matte lipstick comes in and saves the day. Not only is it long lansting, and probably won't melt off your face in the summer heat. It will keep your pout protected as well.

Oh yeah, and you will be looking fab on the Beach!

Like you needed another excuse to go buy lipstick right? Well you have my blessing to go splurge on some matte lippies, after all it's a matter of our health right? ;)



  1. Oh I never know that wear lipstick can protect our lips!
    I love the matte lipsticks. I ever tried the Maybelline one. Thank for sharing :D

    1. It was news to me as well. I came across it, while researching a bit for my "lipstick month" and thought I would write about it.

  2. What lipstick are you wearing here? Love the color! :)

    1. Thanks :) it's actually one of the Makeup Revolution Hipocrisy liners called "depraved" It's only $1,50 :)


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