Monday, June 22, 2015

Worlds most outrageous lipsticks and facts!

I thought it would be fun to make a Little list of some of the Worlds most outrageous lipsticks, ranging from the Worlds most expensive lipstick to the most crazy looking ones. So let's get started.

Worlds most expensive lipstick!
According to several websites, including  this $62.000 Guerlain kiss kiss gold and diamonds lipstick, is the Worlds most expensive lipstick. The case is made of 18 karat gold, and covered in 199 diamonds! There are 15 exclusive Shades to choose from. And ofcourse it's refillable. Phew that's one fancy lipstick!
Strangest looking lipsticks!
Beyond lipstick please: these lipsticks called "beyond lipstick please" are shaped like Little animals. And while they may look kinda cute, I can't help but giggle, when looking at the "skin colored" one. I found these on Koreadepart's website for $9,22 a piece. I have to admit, that when I first saw them I thought I was looking at something a bit more raunchy, as I find that nr. 3 to look quite phallic at a first glance. Maybe it's just my dirty mind hehe.
Strangest lipstick ingredients!
Bugs! There's a big chance that your lipsticks contain bugs, or more specifically carmine. Carmine is made by drying and powdering a special type of beetle and used as a dye. maybe it's time to start buying vegan lipsticks!
Animal fat and urin! I'm not saying this is in all lipsticks, but take a look at this list on PETA's website for more information on animal derived ingredients.
Strangest lipstick facts!
In ancient Greece, lipstick was only worn by prostitutes. It was actually demanded that prostitutes wore lipstick, in order to not confuse men to think that they were "real ladies".
The hidden sexual meaning of lipstick. I've read several times in several magazines and books, that the reason women Wear lipstick (especially red) is to emulate the (how can I put this delicately) the look of the aroused labias on a females "bits" is that clear enough? As these swell up and get more red, when a woman is aroused. I bet you'll be thinking about that next time you put on red lipstick hehe.
Most controversial lipstick brand!
I had to mention Lime Crime here! I won't go into the Whole Lime Crime scandal, you can easily read all about by simply googling it. But Yeah Definately a controversial brand, that I'm not going to support any time soon. First they said they were vegan and cruelty free, but later we found out that some of their products contained ingredients that were not vegan, then there has been all the talk about the brand owner, being quite rude to her fans and then the Whole hacking episode, where lot's of people lost a lot of Money after buying from their website. Phew.
What did you think of this post? if you have any strange facts about lipstick I would love to hear them.



  1. Wow, that is one expensive lipstick! I did know that the beetle is sometimes used in red lipsticks. That dates back to Egyptian days. Another kind of weird fact is that here in the U.S., there's the "Lipstick Index". What is means is that, when the economy is good, women will more often treat themselves to a new lipstick because it's an affordable pick-me-up. On the other hand, when the economy is down, the "Lipstick Index" drops because many women don't have the disposable income anymore. :)

    1. Thanks for the comment Natalie, oh yeah I think I have heard of that before, that the lipstick sales are a great indicator of how the economy in that country is :) I'm really messing up the statistics for Denmark hehehe


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