Monday, July 6, 2015

Is Essence discontinuing your favorite product?

It's that time of the year Again. Essence is discontinuing products, to make room for their new fall/Winter 2015 Collection. And although, we will be saying goodbye to some long time favorites, there is no need to worry. The Fall/Winter Collection looks amazing!

I'm a little sad to see these palettes go, but don't fret. New 8 shadow versions of these palettes are being released in fall! So these are not completely gone.

Bright eyes is being replaced with a matte version, and smokey eyes is getting an update.

I'm sad to see these go, they are not being replaced with a similar product

Essence is replacing these, with new mascaras and a new lash glue.

If you love these lashes, don't worry! Essence is replacing them with updated versions in nicer packaging.

I'm honestly not sad to see these go. I didn't like these very much. And apparently I wasn't the only one. These did not stay very long in the Essence permanet range.

I feel like this is the end of an era! I have loved these, ever since I was a Young teen. I'm sad to see them go. But essence is coming out with new sheer shine lipsticks, that look like they could be a reformulated and repackaged version of these.
I love these Little lip gloss sets, fortunately Essence is just updating the packaging and the colorselection.

I liked this concealer, it's coming back in new packaging.

It's only this particular shade, that is being discontinued, they are also adding a new shade to the line

So Essence is letting go of a lot of long time favorites. But I feel that most of the Things are being replaced with updated, reformulated products, with nicer packaging. So I'm not really too sad. But if you want to restock on some of these items, I suggest you do it soon. they will be leaving this august.


  1. It's their polishes I love and have most of these ones! :-)

    1. I love Essence nail polish too. It's so affordable but the quality is still good. Have you tried their Gel base and top coat? My polish normally only last 24 hours before chipping, but with the gel base and top coat, it lasts for a week. And they don't even need to be cured by UV. Holy grail.

    2. I've got a few of the Gel polishes but not used them with the gel base or top. I rarely use a top coat with my polishes but I always use a base coat. I rarely get chips in my polish though. :-)

    3. My nails chip like crazy so I definately need all the help I can get, And I love these :)

  2. I haven't tried a lot of essence as it wasn't available here but everything that's being discontinued look so good. :( I need to try the gel polishes.

    1. Fortunately they are launching a lot of new stuff, that looks equally as good. But you will still be able to get some of the discontinued items on for a Little while.


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