Sunday, July 5, 2015

Essence Make me pretty Trend edition preview

essence make me pretty trend edition
I am so excited about this trend edition! It's launching this august and it's full of amazing looking and colorfull new makeup brushes! I think I need to get this entire Collection! They all look so awesome, and I have tried several Essence brushes, and the quality has been really really nice with the ones I've tried.

essence makeup brushes
Essence make me pretty brushes

Essence brush cleaner


  1. Im always looking for affordable brush cleaners that work... I wonder how this one will be and those brushes! The designs are soo cute! I would purchase just to display them haha!

    1. I efinately need those brushes. And I think it's super cool, that Essence is making a brush cleaner. Let's hope it's good.


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