Saturday, May 2, 2015

Too Faced Selfie powders

I actually wasn't going to get the Too Faced Selfie powders to begin with. I just think it's a Little too gimmicky, and I honestly still think it is. It's not the type of product I would proudly display or even use in public hehe. I just think the whole selfie/instagram thing has gotten out of control, maybe that's just me being old though.

But I decided to look past the gimmicky name and packaging and get it anyways. I needed some nice finishing powders, and I did like the idea of getting 3 different finishing powders in one palette.

Price: I bought mine at Sephora in Denmark, I can't remember how much I payed, but the palette is about $36.

Packaging: Apart for the gimmicky "selfie/instagram" design I really do enjoy the packaging. It's slim and sleek, it has a good magnetic closure and a decent mirror. I also do think the gold and pink details are really nice. You get 3x4 grams of face powders. so quite a decent amount of each shade.

Now let me just start out by saying, that these are ment to be used as a finishing powder, not a highlight. So these are very subtle. The pigmentation is very sheer and the glow is muted Down. So do not expect full on pigmentation or shimmer from this palette.

These are supposed to brighten and add warmth (yellow) Smoothen and bronze (bronze) Reduce redness and add am ethereal glow (lilac). And I would say that they do, do that - to some extent. The yellow color does work nicely as an under eye setting powder for me, but it does not do much of anything for the rest of my face. I really enjoy the bronze shade, I use it, like I would any other bronzer, and it's really hard to mess up or overapply. It looks really nice on the skin, even for someone as pale as me. The lilac poowder does seem to brighten my complexion a bit and I like to use this one all over my face. It does add a very natural and subtle glow to my face, and I like that.


I have enjoyed using these and I do think it's a nice palette to have, because it has my bronzer, my undereye setting powder and my setting powder/finishing powder all in one palette. I appreciate that. But I'm not wowed by this. I'm actually a little underwhelmed. I was just expecting a little more from this. I think I'm missing the blurring and skin perfecting aspect of a good finishing powder.
It's not that these are not nice, but I just don't think they really make that much of a difference, or at least they don't do it better than other products I already own. I'm perfectly happy with my Makeup Revolution "radiant light" powder to replace the bronze shade and my Physicians formula nude Wear powder, to add that natural glow to my skin and a yellow concealer for my under eye area. 
Heavily swatched

I don't regret getting it though, it's not a horrible product in any way and I will continue to use it. But I just want to be honest with you guys, and say that I'm not seing much of a difference with these powders. So I'm not going to tell you, to run out and get this one. If you like the whole concept of the selfire powders or you are a die hard Too Faced fan, you will probably like this one, but if you couldn't care less about the selfie aspect and just want that perfected blurred out skin, keep searching Honey.



  1. I'm so curious to try this product!

    1. I don't really think they do all that much. But I totally understand why you want to try them, they seem like an interesting concept.

  2. I want to get these when they finally arrive in the UK. I wish we had a Sephora over here. I can order from the US site but the shipping is expensive x

    1. We have 2 Sephoras in Denmark, stupidly enough, in the same town. It's not really close to where I live, probably a Little over an hour by train for me. But I seriously wish that Sephora would ship to Denmark. We don't get all the US products in the Dansih Sephora, and we can't have products shipped to Denmark so yeah...

    2. Too Faced have started shipping to the UK now on their site. The shipping is still quite pricey at £14.00. I either force myself to pay it or wait months and months for them to bring them out here x


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