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Loevens makeup rambles is all about beauty on the inside as well as the outside. It's about sharing experiences and tips on how to be your best version of yourself. I review products, do swatches, talk about tips and tricks and yes I take requests. I try and keep it budget friendly but sometimes I like to splurge a bit. Don't be afraid to write me with any question or request you may have. I consider all my readers as friends, and I do my best to nurture that relationship.
Everything I write about is bought with my own Money, unless otherwise stated at the beginning of my post. I have not done a paid sponsored post yet, but I will do them, if the Company will allow me to be 100% honest. Also I will let you know in the title description if a post is sponsored.
I appreciate all the comments I get, and try to answer them all. Feel free to leave your blog link in your comment. Please don't leave comments about "follow for follow"  I will follow your blog if I like it, or if I find it relevant for me. If you only want to follow my blog, if I follow you back, then it seems that you are not that interested in my blog in the first place. I want my blog to be a place for active readers to get in touch with me and I'm never too busy to have a chat on my facebook page or my chatroom. 

Feel free to contact me if you want to be a guest blogger or if you have any suggestions or requests.

I do accept products for review purpose, as long as you/the company understand that I will write my honest opinion about the products. I will not accept cash to falsely promote a product. I will do sponsored posts, but they will be kept honest and genuine.

Want a cool way to browse through my posts? try reading them Magazine style with flipboard!

Email: starlightgirl911@hotmail.com
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