Sunday, May 10, 2015

Too Faced chocolate bar dupe?

I actually bought the I  Makeup chocolate palette way before I got the Too Faced chocolate bar palette. I normally don't go for both the original product and the dupe. But I couldn't help myself. So I thought I would compare the 2 palettes for you, to help you make the desicion to splurge, or go for the dupe.

I will be comparing the quality, Shades and packaging and performance. I will be reffering to the Too Faced chocolate bar palette as TF from now.
Top: Too Faced
Bottom: I Heart chocolate
Price: The TF palette retails for $49 and the I Heart makeup palette retail for $12
Quality: I have to say TF wins when it comes to quality. The eyeshadows are just a lot nicer than the I Heart makeup palette. The TF ones smell like chocolate, and the I Heart chocolate one does not really smell like anything. Both palettes are good palettes, but I do appreciate the smoothness and richness of the TF palette.

Packaging: I actually really like both. The I Heart chocolate palette does seem a little cheaper, but it's very sturdy and has a great closing mechanism. Whereas I find my TF palette is also very sturdy, but the magnetic closure is really bad. I can open my chocolate bar palette by just grabbing the top lid, this may just be my palette that has a weak magnet though.
Performance: I do find that the TF eyeshadows last a bit longer on my eyes, than the I Heart chocolate eyeshadows and they seem a little easier to apply. Both products blend really well, but I have to say that TF is the superior winner when it comes to performance.
Shades: Now on to the part you are probably most interested in. Are these shadows an exact dupe? Well not completely. But it's a very close dupe. I will go through each individual shade and tell you the differences in shade and texture below. You can also see swatches of both palettes, Left swatch is Too Faced and right swatch is I Heart chocolate. I will be using the Too Faced shadow names, as I find these would be the most commonly known Shade names.

Left swatch: Too Faced. Richt swatch: I Heart chocolate

Gilded Ganache: I feel that the TF shadow has more depth to it, it's more ollive and less gritty, than the I Heart chocolate one.

White chocolate: These both perform very well, the TF one is slightly more yellow toned, and I actually prefer the I Heart chocolate shade, but the TF one is more pigmented.

Milk chocolate: The TF shade is cooler and darker, it's also more pigmented and smooth.

Black forest truffle: The sparkle is less gritty in the TF shade, but the I Heart makeup shade is more warm toned, I wish the TF shade would be more warm toned as well, but quality wise TF wins.

Triple fudge: I would say the I Heart chocolate shade, is more pigmented, but the color is the same, so TF Looses this one.

Salted caramel: TF is warmer and a lot smoother and more pigmented.

Marzipan: TF is more champagne wehreas I Heart chocolate is more golden. TF has the best pigmentation and the richness is to die for.

Semi-sweet: Another TF winner. The TF shade is a lot more pigmented and cooler toned.

Strawberry bon bon: The TF one is slightly more pink than the other, but these are very identical in texture and pigmentation.

Candied violet: TF has a lot more pigmentation and is less gritty, although this is a shade I don't like in any of the palettes, quality is just not there.

Amaretto: The TF one makes the Whole palette worth it to me. It has so much dimension, almost a slight duochrome that I Heart chocolate just can't mesure up to.

Hazelnut: These are very close, although TF has the best texture.

Creme brulee: The TF one is more pigmented and smooth and rich, but the colors are very very similar.

Haute chocolate: I actually prefer the I Heart chocolate shade, it's a Little more interesting, although not as smooth.

Cherry cordial: I prefer the I Heart chocolate one here as well. It's just a lot more warm toned. The TF one dissapoints me a bit, it looks like it would be a lot warmer in the pan, but when swatched, it's just not.

Champagne truffel: These are very very similar. I do prefer the texure of the TF one, but these are pretty much the same shade.

I hope that helps you decide wich one to get. I personally love them both, I wish that cherry cordial would be a lot warmer in the TF palette, and I wish my TF palette had a stronger magnetic closure, but overall the quality is a lot better, than the I Heart chocolate palette. I do have to say, that the I Heart chocolate palette has amazing quality eyeshadow, it's just that TF is even better. So I kinda like both palettes for different reasons. But if I lost both, and could only repurchase one, it would be the original TF chocolate bar palette.



  1. Beautiful palette..
    Love the shades...

  2. I love the effort you have put in to cover everything I actually wondered about these two palettes. I would not expect Makeup Revolution Platte to perform equally as the TF. But, at the price point Makeup revolution is catering, I really think it's commendable.
    I am contemplating a haul from MUR. Since it would be international shipping and that's not cheap, I am carefully doing some RnD. You are being so helpful.

    Had I equal access to both, I would have wanted them both. But then, I HAVE to choose and here is the problem of Quality Vs Quantity.

    You have got me addicted to your blog!


    1. Aaaw thank you so much I am so happy that you like my blog. Yeah TF is definately great quality, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the Makeup revolution one, I really didn't need both palettes. If there is anything from Makeup revolution you want to know more about, you can search for the brand in my search box in the right side and you will see all the reviews I have done. I'm currently iplementing my new layout, so if anything looks strange, that is why.

      Hugs Loevens

  3. I have the TF one and love it. What puts me off a lot of I Heart Makeup palettes is the look of them especially the ones with the pink heart on them. They just look and feel really cheap to me, like some toy makeup a little kid might have. The chocolate ones don't look as bad and seem a lot better. x

    1. I kinda like them for what they are, super affordable, but yeah quality wise the I Heart makeup palettes (excet the chocolate palettes) are not as good as the rest of the MUR range. I do really enjoy their new obsession palettes though, they are even cheaper but somehow manages to be even better in quality. I especially love the naked 3 dupe called "pure cult" or something.

  4. Very nice and detailed review dear. Too faced chocolate bar palette is on my wish list. Would love if u follow my blog.

    1. Thanks sweetie :) I will go have a look at your blog.


  5. Great review. I have the MakeUp Revolution palette and I've been debating getting the original. Now I think I'll take the plunge. :)

    1. Sorry for the super late reply.Did you get the original? I really want the new Peach one that's coming out soon. It look sooo adorable.


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