Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I ♡ MAKEUP Lip Lava review

I could not resist getting these, so when I ordered a few goodies for my giveaway I got these for myself. I have not had the best of luck with Makeup revolution lip products, so let's see how I feel about these shall we?

Price: £2,99 or $4,62 each

Packaging: I'm pretty neutral when it comes to the design of the packaging. It looks nice enough, but I'm not a fan of the look of the cap. I do like that you get a nice sponge tip applicator, it really helps when applying these. I do like that the color of the tube is the exact color of the product, takes the guesswork out of picking a shade. But the same cannot be said for the little boxes they come in, those are all slightly off in color. You get 12 ml of product in each tube.

First thing I noticed with these, is that they do not have any scent or any perfumey taste to them. I do tend to prefer a little scent but with these I'm actually pretty happy about the lack of scent or taste.

These liquid lipsticks go on really creamy and smooth and the applicator makes them really easy to apply. I do recommend a lip liner with the red color though, as is can tend to bleed a tiny bit when freshly Applied, plus it can be hard to get the Sharp lines I want with a spongey applicator.

Firestorm, Shockwave, Unleash, Forgiven, Tremor
These do not dry Down or set to a matte finish, but they do change a bit with wear time, let me explain. They go on a little shiny and creamy, but ones your lips have absorbed some of the moisture, and as you wear them down a bit, you will get a more matted finish and they will feel like nothing on the lips. I'm really impressed with how light weight they feel. I keep checking to see if I need to touch up, only to be surprised by how much color is still on my lips! I would say they last a good 3-6 hours depending on the color you get, the darker the shade, the longer it wears.

Let's get swatching!
Tremor (neutral baby pink), Forgiven (Brown nude), Unleash (bright coral),
Shockwave (violet purple), Firestorm (blue toned red).
Tremor: is a baby pink with neutral undertones, not as milky or cool toned as most baby pinks, wich makes it a lot more wearable.

Forgiven: is a brownish nude. It's a little too Brown for me, but when mixed with "Tremor" it's the perfect nude.

Unleash: Is a very bright coral leaning on orange. It's definately a bold shade. It does not really suit my pale complexion, but I imagine this would look stunning on medium skin tones.

Shockwave: is a lot more of a fuschia purple in real life than in the Photos. It's very bright... almost neon, wich makes it very hard to photograph. But it's stunning! I like mixing this with "forgiven" to get a lovely neutral dusty rose color!

Firestorm: Is a blue based red, It's very bright and vibrant. I do wish it was a little deeper in tone. As it can tend to look a little more bright pinky red as is Begins to fade. But it's a stunning shade none the less.

These are probably not going to be my everyday lipsticks, purely because the Shades are a little too "out there" for me. The lighter Shades are a little more wearable, but the coral, purple and red are really really vibrant. I do like the formulation and the staying power.

I really hope Makeup Revolution/I ♡ MAKEUP will come out with more Shades of these as I really think they are amazing and I want more of them!.

I recommend these if you like a good long wearing lipstick with incredible pigmentation and BAM in your face color!




  1. I like the idea that the outer tube is the actually color. My favorite is the Forgiven. Stopping over from Blogging Elite.

    1. It does make it a lot easier to grab for. Forgiven is probably also the most wearable on me. Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you here Again :)

  2. Pretty shades! Specially the purple one!

  3. these look lovely! They remind me a lot of the liquid melt lipsticks from Too Faced which I like a lot! Thanks for sharing these ones - they seem a lot more affordable!

    http://storybookapothecary.com ♥ stop by and chat with me :)

    1. Thanks for the comment. I will go have a look


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