Thursday, March 5, 2015

Unboxing my swap with Nina's Bargain Beauty

I've done a swap with the lovely and beautiful Nina, from Nina's Bargain Beauty. We have been writing eachother back and forth and been planning this swap for a good while. So I was so excited when we finally got to recieve each others gifts.

She sent me soo many goodies, I don't even know where to start. I'm a sucker for chocolate and sweets so I LOVE that she sent me all of these edible goodies! And I can't wait to taste everything. Oh who am I kidding.. I'm munchin' on the cookies while writing.

I have to say I'm a Little (a lot) impressed at how well she did! All the makeup products are in the exact colours that I would have picked for myself.

Click to see bigger Picture.
Soap & Glory: She got me a foot cream and a hand cream! I love Soap & Glory and it's not available in Denmark so I can't wait to try them.

Academie bronzing tinted lotion: This looks interesting! I'm not sure if it's a self tanner or an instant tanner, but I will definately be finding out! I can't wait to try it, and such a fancy brand!

La Roche Posay, Thermal Water spray: I'm saving this for hot summer days, this would be awesome to keep in my purse and use on hot days to freshen my face up.

Blank canvas cosmetics: Nina sent me her all time favorite contour palette and some awesome contouring brushes from Blank canvas cosmetics. I've already seen her review these products and I knew I wanted to try them. So I litteraly screamed when I opened the Little gifts and found that she had sent these to me! Seriously, these are probably the ones I'm most excited for and I'm pretty excited about all the other Things. I have not even tried them yet, but I just know they will be new favorites of mine.

Look at those Little shamrocks and the st. paddy's day shotglass/necklace. I'm so ready for the Irish pub now.

Pixy bath bomb and soap: I have never tried this brand. I believe it's an Irish brand. The soap has a lovely citrus scent and the bath bomb smells so fresh and clean, love that scent! This is actually going to be my very first bath bomb ever! yay!

Philosophy Windows to the soul palette: I have never tried Philosophy products before, but i can already tell that I'm going to love this palette. 3 mattes and 1 shimmery shade in the perfect neutral colors. And instead of a sponge tip you actually get a pretty nice double ended brush! thumbs up!

NYX: She got me 2 blush Sticks, and the colors are spot on! I actually have these 2 exact colors on my wishlist for cherryculture (she didn't know) So really happy with those as well. She got me a yellow corrector for undereye darkness, I have never tried a corrector before so I'm very excited to see how it Works. She also got me a liquid liner (My favorite type of liner) and a very interesting mascara. I love NYX products and I have not tried any of thesem so I'm super excited to try them.

NYC: She got me a lipstick from NYC (I'm wearing it as I write) It's the perfect red shade for my skin tone and I was so impressed with the pigmentation and how easily it just slided on. Even after 3 cookies it still looks perfect!

Essence: She got me a glittery silvery eyeshadow, now I normally don't like glitter in eyeshadows (because I'm too lazy to do anything about the fallout) But this is actually really pretty, and it does not seem like it's going to cause a lot of fallout, I'm definately going to try this on the next time I'm doing a party look. She also got me 2 glitter polishes with nail art tips, I love glitter polishes and I have not tried these so I can't wait to see what design I come up with. She also got me a Essence kajal pencil.

Wet n Wild: I can't tell you how many times I have been looking at the balm stains and almost bought them. So I'm super happy to finally have them. Again, she picked the same colours that I would have picked for myself. I also got 2 glitter creams from wet n wild, and I have to say I'm sold on the White one with the blue sheen to it. They look awesome and I think I need to find an excuse soon to put my party face on!

But wait... there is more! Nina also got me an eyeliner from Stila!, and one from Urban Decay! (you went over budget didn't you?) And a felt tip liner from MUA and a waterproof liner from BH cosmetics.

I had a bit of a play with some of the products already. I used the ´NYX corrector, The blank canvas brushes and palette, the Philosophy eyeshadows, the NYX liquid liner and the NYC lipstick. Loving these products already!

Phew.. that was a lot of makeup! I have not tried any of these products before (except for the NYC lipstick, but that was another color) and I am super excited to try everything out. I am so happy with this swap and I hope Nina is just as happy as me. And Nina if you are reading: Thank you so much for this awesome swap! I really love everything. And I will be thinking of you every time I use one of these products, except the bath product... that would just be strange. I can't wait to try everything out and review all these goodies. And now... I'm off to eat more cookies!

Want to see what I got her? Check out her swap post here



  1. awww hunny i am so glad you love everything :) it was so much fun :) Thank you so much for taking part sweety I can not wait to see you reviews on everything :) :)

    1. It sure was a lot of fun. I can't wait to see reviews of the Things I got you either. Hopefully you will like everthing as much as I do. :)

  2. OMG!! that's so thoughtful :) and I would love to swap a beauty box too.. but with somebody who is living in South Korea :D :)

    1. Yeah that would be pretty cool to try. It really was so much fun and Nina is such a sweetheart. Swaps are so much fun.

  3. wow so many awesome things you got in that swap! Love your red lips as well - gorgeous! | stop by and chat :)

    1. I'm so happy with all my new goodies. Thanks girl :) I really like this shade on me.

  4. What a fun swap, you got so many lovely things :-D

    - Love, Christine ♥
    Makeup, Beauty & Fashion

    1. Thanks. Yes I had so much fun doing this, and I LOVE the Things Nina sent me.

  5. The lipstick looks fab on you!! Beauty swaps are such fun :)

    Jess xo

    1. Thanks Jess. This is my first big swap, but definately not my last. :)


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