Saturday, March 21, 2015

Elf UK is closing shop!

Distribeauty - the distributor of ELF cosmetics in the UK and some of europe is shutting Down.
They can't say when -
or even if ELF will be available for purchase in the UK and parts of Europe Again.

So if you want to stock up on some of your favorites, you better do it fast.

ELF cosmetics is NOT going out of business. And will still be available for purchase in New Zealand, Germany and the US (these are just the ones I know of for sure, there is probably others)

But sadly for me, this means no more elf in Denmark.

Even though I recently told you all, why I don't really buy from ELF that much anymore. I'm still sad to see them go. Although I'm not impressed with a lot of their stuff, there is still a lot of very affordable favorites within their line.

If you can't afford (like me) to make an order right now, before everything is gone. Here is a few websites that has some of the ELF line available for purchase internationally. : has some of the $1 items has a good selection of some of the more popular items
Iherb: Probably has the best selection of ELF cosmetics, even some of the items we couldn't get in the UK/EU sites.

And you could even shop from the US website, but you would need to use a shipping service and it would be quite costly, but the option is there.

So don't be too sad just yet. It seems that ELF won't go away completely.



  1. Replies
    1. Definately took me by suprise. But Im glad there are still other ways to get ELF cosmetics.

  2. The store by me is still staying open but has changed to Beautycrowd. They still sell whats left of the ELF stock but sell loads of other brands too such as LA Girl and Milani x

    1. Yeah I know about beautycrowd, it reminds me a bit of beautyjoint but with a few different brands.'

  3. they are renewing the site and getting rid of stock so all new elf even says it on us website and you can got contacted by elf uk when everything is up and running like ive done :)


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