Thursday, March 19, 2015

Almay liquid lip balm review

I have had this lip balm for quite a while now. I got it last year in my US drugstore haul. I can't remember how much it was, but it wasn't more that $5. Almay is an American brand I believe. So I got it from the walgreens website. It's also available on ebay. So it should not be too difficult to get your hands on.

This has quite a sweet scent to it, not quite Vanilla cake but something like that. I do like the scent but it's a Little synthetic so keep that in mind if you are picky about scents.

The balm looks just like a gloss once it's Applied, maybe not overly glossy but somewhat shiney. It feels like a mix between a gloss and a balm. It does hydrate my lips nicely and I like how nice it feels on my lips.

The balm is quite sheer, I was expecting a Little more color payoff but it's ok. Its a nice product to keep in you purse, and it can easily be Applied without a mirror.

I definately enjoy this liquid balm a lot, it took me some time to start using it, but now I'm kinda hooked. I definately want to get more colors. This is truly a tried and tested product, I'm almost out of this one and I have had no problems with the packaging or lettering wearing off or anything really.

So I do recommend this if you like a nice hydrating glossy balm with a sheer wash of color and a sweet scent. I'd probably compare it a bit to the NYX butter glosses, but more sheer. This also pairs nicely with lipstick.

Have any of you tried this?



  1. This looks so nice!
    Love the shade...

    1. Thanks Dimple Khadi. By the way, great post you did, I read it earlier today.

  2. This looks like a nice shade of pink x

    1. It is on he sheer side of Things, but it does give an nice hint of pink to the lips, very much a spring lippie.


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