Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Blank Canvas contour palette review.

It seems that the beauty world is drowning in new contour palettes. Every brand is launching one, and everyone and their mother is contouring on a regular basis. I swore I would never be that girl, you know... The one who can't leave the house without getting her bronze and higlight on... Well I may have become THAT girl now...
Today I'll be reviewing the Blank Canvas Cosmetics, contour palette. I recieved this palette - amongst a lot of other goodies in my swap with the beautiful Nina from Nina's bargain beauty. Enough rambles.. Let's get on with it.
Price: €12,99 or about $14 from Blank Canvas' website.  That's what I call a steal!
Packaging: The packaging is nothing special. It feels kinda cheap and it does not have a mirror. But it's what's inside that counts right? And you get 6 MASSIVE pans of product, so I'm not complaining.


You get 6 matte powders in this palette: 1 white higlight, 1 yellow brightener, 1 beige(setting powder) 1 peachy orange and 2 bronzers (1 light, 1 dark).
I have to say that this palette is probably best suited for medium skin tones. But it does work for someone as pale as me. I have no problems using the lightest bronzer at all. It's a bit on the warm side, but not too warm to work for me. Being as  pale as I am, the higlighters don't do as much as I would have liked, but they do make a subtle difference. The darkest bronzer is too dark for me, but I may give it a go this summer. The peachy shade makes an amazing blush color and I have been wearing that as my blush a lot lately.
So because I'm as pale as I am, I'm not going to get a dramatic highlight effect from this palette. But I pair this with a brightening concealer and set it with the powders and that Works a treat! I do have to be careful around the eyes, or I will look wrinkly and dry, so I only use the yellow powder as a light setting powder for concealer.
I love the effect this palette gives me. And I just can't stop using it. I feel like my face looks completely flat now, when I just Wear Foundation and blush. I love how it makes me look like I'm glowing, but without any shimmer or glitter.

wearing the light bronzer, orange powder and both highlights

It's definately become a favorite of mine, and has turned me on to the whole contouring thing. I'm already thinking about getting the NYX contour palette to compare this to.
I definately recomend this palette if you are new to contouring and you want a coplete set of powders. It's easy to use, they blend well and they stay on for a decent anount of the day. (staying power of your bronzer often depends on your skin type and the longivety of your base makeup etc.)
Watch out for this, in an upcoming favorites post.


  1. It is great palette. I love middle colors :)

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    1. Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway :)

  2. I like your blog and this post very much! Everything is so beautiful!

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Aaw thank you Diana, that makes me so happy.


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