Monday, March 30, 2015

GOSH mineral powder review.

I'm always on the lookout for a good Foundation. I normally go for liquid Foundation, but I decided to try the new GOSH minreal powder. I have tried a few different mineral powders before, and I did like those, so I thought I would give this a shot.

Price: DKK 119 wich is about 11£ But it's almost always cheaper in the UK even though this is a Danish product. I got it 40% off at a sale.

Packaging: I love GOSH packaging and this is no exception. I really appreciate the way you can control how much powder comes out. And you can even close it completely so that the powder won't spill everywhere when you travel with it. But as with all Loose powder products, this can still get a little messy, if you are not careful. You get 8 grams of product.

This is by far the best mineral Foundation I have tried. - Keep in mind I have only tried 3 budget friendly ones and 1 high end one - But this is awesome!

The coverage is medium to full and it just blends so easily into the skin. I use a kabui or a buffer brush to apply it and it's just so easy.

I have kinda textured skin, with dry patches, small bumps and large pores. But this Foundation does not emphasize these problems at all. It does not look overly powdery on the skin and it just melts into the skin beautifully.

I would describe the finish as a natural matte. It does not look flat at all, but it does give a matte finish but with a very subtle glow (no shimmer or glitter)

It covers everything that I need to cover and evens out my skintone really well without looking like I have a tonne of makeup on. Actually I asked a friend of mine, if she thought I was wearing Foundation, and she said no.
I hardly need concealer when I use this powder. I do use a bit concealer under the eyes, but for the rest of the face, this powder is enough. If I do feel like I need some extra coverage in a small area, I will just take some of the powder with my finger, and dab it on.
I did try it on top of a liquid Foundation - just to see - and it does not look as good, as if you wore it alone. And you really don't need the liquid Foundation with this, the coverage of the powder is enough.
It Wears really well throughout the day, it stays on perfectly and it does not Wear off patchy at all. I do still get a little oily around my nose with this, but I have found a product that Works Wonders for that. GOSH has a prime and set powder, that really controlls oil well. So I just dust that on very lightly after the foundation and I'm good.
So yeah, I love this product. I definately would recommend it. And I think it will work for a lot of different skin types. I get very dry and very oily at the same time in different areas of my face, and this still looks amazing on.


  1. I never tried mineral foundation! I should give a try!

    1. Then this one would be a good place to start. It's easy to use and affordable. My first mineral Foundation was the ELF one, I liked it a lot when I was younger, but as I got older my skin got more texured and now it's not as great for me anymore. But this one is the bomb!


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