Sunday, May 17, 2015

Essence lip candies - review

beautifying lip care
 I knew I wanted to try the Essence lip candies, as soon as I saw they were being released for spring/summer 2015. I own one of the nail candies, nail polishes and love the scent and sheer wash of pastelle color. So I wanted to see how the lip candies would compare. I behaved myself and just got 1 to start with, although I really wanted to buy them all. I believe there is 6 colors in this Collection, I got "candy crush"
Price: €1,95 or about $2,20
Packaging: I really really like the white and clear plastic packaging. I think it looks really cute and makes it easy to see the actual color of the product, wich is especially good, if you have more than one. Quality wise, I think the doe foot applicator is great. I have had no issues with Wear and tear and I think this looks and feels better than I thought it would, considering the price. You get 4ml of product.

caring lip gloss

I really like this gloss! It's marketed as a "caring gloss" with aloe vera, and I normally can't use aloe products, but this one has not bothered me at all. I would say it does feel a lot like a liquid balm, it's very hydrating and balmy. It's slightly sticky, but not thick or goopy. When I say it's a little sticky I mean that it's not one of those oily/watery formulas that will come off as soon as you take a sip of coffee, it's not going to make you lips stick together of give you that unattractive gloopy string of gloss when you open and close your lips. So I would say it's very comfortable.

This does have a bit of a sweet fruity/raspberry scent to it, but not as strong as I thought. So It's not crazy offensive. The scent reminds me of some of the other Essence glosses, so if you like the XXXL gloss scent, you will like this. I'm very happy to say, that this gloss does not taste of perfume, yay!

candy crush swatch

I love how this gloss applies, even though it's a milky pastel color, it does not apply streaky and it does not accentuate my lip lines. And this nude shade has the right amount of sheerness, to just tone Down my natural lip color without making me look like a ghost. I believe these are all somewhat sheer, but you still get the milky/pastel color on your lips.
I really like these lip candies and I definately want to try some of the other colors. I think this is a great balmy gloss, with just the right amount of pigmentation for me. Definately a great bargain buy. Have you tried these lip candies? what do you think of them? or would you be interested in trying these?



  1. It's very nude! I wonder how the color appears on your lips.

    1. It's also quite sheer. As I wrote in the review, it tones Down my natural lip color without making me look like a ghost :) I am a very pale girl, so for me this is not crazy nude like a straigh up beige would be. I hope this helps. I would normally do lip swatches, but I am sick at the moment so I look horrible :)

  2. Hello, thank you for a really nice review. I'd like to ask you compared to XXXL lip gloss, which one is longer lasting? I love XXXL lip gloss but it wears off super quick :/

    1. The lip candies last longer I would say, but it's not by that much of a difference. But yeah I would say the lip candies do have better Wear time than the original XXXL glosses


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