Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lancome Advanced Génifique serum review

*I was sent this by Lancome as I was a part of a test panel in Denmark, they do not know about my blog. And I am not required to talk about it, but I thought I might as well review it, now that I have tried it out for 5 weeks.*
I have been on the lookout for a good serum to try, for the longest time. It's a a product I want to add to my daily skincare routine, but I didn't get around to doing so, until I was sent this to try out. It's been 5 weeks and I have finally reported back to Lancome and I thought that I would share my thoughts on this with you.

First off, it's expensive! I know that there are more expensive serums out there, but for me, this is a Little more than I'm comfortable with spending. Unless ofcourse I know it will Work Wonders for me. I believe it's about $78 for 1 ounce/30 ml. Wich will probably get you through close to 2 months if you use it morning, and night.
I do have to say that the packaging is amazing. I love how it looks and I love how it feels. You dispense the product, using the Little eye dropper, wich automatically fills up when you open and close it. So you only have to push the top of the lid to get the product out. I do Wonder how much product will be left in the bottom, that I won't be able to reach with the dropper? I haven't gotten there yet though.
Ok, on to the important part... Did this acutally Work? Yes it did. I started noticing smoother skin after just a few days of use and my pores seemed to have decreased in size. But after about 2 weeks the effects pretty much stopped. Not that my skin went back to normal, it just did not get any better after 2 weeks. I did find that I had a lot less breakouts in the time that I used this, and that is probably what this has done best for me.
Was the effects big enough for me to repurchase? no. Considering the price, and the fact that I use this up really quick, I think I'm better off, finding another serum, perhaps something with more active ingredients. I don't have the ingredients list of this anymore, but it didn't seem to really contain anything groundbreakingly awesome.
If this was drugstore priced, I would definately run out and buy it Again, but I just can't spend this kind of Money every other month on one product. So I'm sorry Lancome, we just wasn't meant to be.



  1. Well, I used this for a while, and although my skin felt awesome, I didn't feel the necessity to buy a new one. it's a good serum but for the price, it doesn't do anything special!

    1. Exactly! I like it, my skin feels good. But I won't spend this much on a serum unless it really makes a difference.

  2. I never use a serum, although this one does look good x

    1. I recommend The body shops' Nutriganics drops of youth. It's pretty good!


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