Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My favorite Beauty youtubers!

I Watch a looot of youtube, so I thought it would be fun, to share my favorite beauty youtubers with you today. Go show some love to these amazing women, and tell them Loevens sent you ;) enjoy!

Dyna: I have pretty much watched her since she started her youtube journey. She uploads regularly and her channel is all about drugstore beauty and affordable makeup. This girl has the most awesome and charming personality! You have to watch her to understand what I mean. I consider her a friend, even though I have never met her and she takes a lot of time and effort, to comment back. Plus she is all about loving yourself and eachother, her channel is a bully-free zone! I just love this girl so much!
Hollie (Hollie eats lipstick): This beautiful girl is more laid-back and chill. She has such a cool personality and she uploads regularly. I love to watch her videos, because she talks about all the makeup products that I'm interested in mysel. She does lip balm hauls every now and then, and as a lip balm addict, I can't stop watching. She is such a Classic beauty and I just instantly felt "at home" on her channel. Plus she has really pale skin, like me, so I know if she can wear something, I can too.

Tati (Glamlife guru) I have been watching her videos for years. I think it was her videos about Physicians formula that got me hooked. She talks about drugstore and high end makeup. She uploads regularly and she is just a joy to watch. I especially like watching her "hot or not" videos. And seriously, look at her! she is stunning!

Emily (beauty broadcast): Emily was probably one of the first youtubers I ever watched. She is very articulate and easy to listen to. I love her sense of humor and I have been watching her so much, that I feel like I know her. Whenever she mentions her ELF small stipple brush (if you follow her you will know what I mean) I can't help but laugh a Little. She uploads frequently, although not as much as she used to, she has a litlle baby girl, so it's very understandable. Yet another honest youtuber with similar opinions (on products at least) to me. And come on! look at those amazing eyes! She is such a stunner.

Dani (coffee break with Dani): A more recent obsession of mine. Dani has a bubbly personality and she has the ability to make you feel, like she is talking directly to you. Like 2 girlfriends just chatting about makeup. And I find myself answering her and talking back to the screen hehe. I love her positivity and her energy. She talks about drugstore as well as high end. She uploads regularly, even though she has a toddler and a newborn. You go girl!

Melissa (Melissa Autrey): Now this is one sassy lady! I love her Southern charm and her bubbly personality. She talks about drugstore and high end and is not afraid to give you her 2 scents. I especially like her "Friday favorites and a possible poo" posts and I have recently just started following her on her lifestyle channel. She is just an amazing lady with an amazing story. She uploads regularly on both channels.


  1. Emily and Tati are my favorite beauty gurus as well. I have been following them for years. Danny is talented. But, some how, she did not inspire me.

    1. Well I don't really Watch for the tutorials as much as I Watch for the reviews, and because of their personalities. So I don't need to be inspired to Watch them. I just like watching the reviews :)


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