Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Makeup Revolution ultra brow review

So today is not going to be about lipstick, but if you need your lipstick fix for the day, go check out my post about my "top 10 neutral lippies"

Being really pale, with cool toned blonde hair and invisible eyebrows has made it hard for me to find the perfect brow product. Most brands don't make my color, they all seem to be too dark, too warm or even too green. I just want a pale, cool toned brow please. But it's not easy to come by. So I was a Little hesitant when I decided to purchase this Makeup Revolution Ultra brow palette. Especially because it's called "fair to medium" and I need "ghostly to paper white" hehe. But I descided to give it a shot.
Price: £7,99 or $11,97 on Makeup Revolutions website.
Packaging: Very comparable to the other palettes from Makeup Revolution, especially the protection palette. Fortunately it does say " bulletproof" on the front of the palette so I don't have to open it, to see what it is. Mine has a bit of an issue with closing properly, wich I actually think is caused by the brow pen. The problem goes away when I remove the brow pen from the palette. But the closing of the palette is still a little off. That's the first MUR palette of this kind I have had any troubles with though.
There are 3 different color options available, "fair to medium", "medium to dark" and "extra dark to Black" I don't really see an option for redheads, and I think their color options could be a little better.
You are getting quite the complete brow kit in this palette. 2 brow pomades, 4 brow powders, 1 highlighting concealer, 1 highlight powder, 1 brow pencil, 2 small brushes and a tweezer. All I really feel is lacking is a spooley brush to comb through the brows, I can't do my brows without one. But ofcourse I already have one, so it's not a major issue, it would have just been nice if it was included in the kit.
None of these shades, are an exact color match for me so I do have to mix and match a little bit, to get the righ shade for my brows. But the shade I end up with, is closer to perfect than any other brow product I have tried. So for me it's worth the extra steps.
I start by lining the brows with the pencil, then I color correct with the pomades. Mixing a tiny bit of the Brown into the blonde shade. Then I set it with the most cool toned powder and sometimes even go over it with the concealer to lighten it up. That seems to work and the result lasts all day without melting off or smearing. I don't find it to be as budge proof as my Benefit Gimme brow, but it still stays on all day without smudging.
I'm really pleased with this little kit. I have had no issues with the quality of any of these brow products. Even the little tweezer is nice, it's not the best tweezer ever, but it works. I really like the pomades, they are not waxy at all, but they still manage to keep my brows in place. So overall I'm very happy with this brow kit, and I would totally recommend it! You get a lot of different tones to mix and match with, but I do wish, that they would make a more cool toned version of this, as the end result does lean a little warmer, than I would like, but it's still the closest match I have been able to find so far. So yeah definately recommend, that you check this kit out. I know I will get a lot of use out of mine.



  1. This looks like a good palette. For my brows at the moment i'm using Urban Decay Brow Box. Comes with wax and two brow colors. I've ordered Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, as my friend tells me it's an amazing product and i've heard lots of good stuff about it x

    1. I definately think this is a good kit. I have a few Benefit brow products but I am always hesitant to try new brow products, because it's so hard for me to find a shade match.

    2. I definately think this is a good kit. I have a few Benefit brow products but I am always hesitant to try new brow products, because it's so hard for me to find a shade match.


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