Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Yves Rocher NEW nail polishes!

 *Yves Rocher sent this to me, for review purposes. I am not paid to talk about these and all opinions and thoughts about these are my own, honest opinions*

Coming in at $5,90 a pop, I think these are very reasonably priced. The Gel top coat does cost $8,92 wich is pushing it a bit in my opinion. But $5,90 is very very reasonable. Keep in mind, that prices may vary from country to country, and Denmark tends to be a bit pricey compared to the US for example.

I got these in the mail last saturday and wanted to do a bit of a first impression/review of these. Some of these are really good and some are not as good. But none of them are horrible. So I just wanted to go through the colors that I got, and what I think of them.
I have 2 different Collections: the Botanical color nail polishes and the Gel effect lacquers. Each Collection has their own top coat as well. I've seen on Yves Rocher's website that there are about 40 colors to choose from in the "botanical" line, and about 10 colors in the "Gel effects" line. There's also different base coats and top coats and other nail care products within the line.
Now I have to admit, that I'm very picky when it comes to nail polish colors, and I'm probably not going to get a lot of use out of most of these colors, but that's just me. There's definately going to be a shade for everyone. And I see a lot of "on trend" colors in these new Collections.
Let me start with the top coats, you don't need both. The glossy top coat, is quite thin but honestly not very glossy, at least not compared to the Gel effects top coat. That one is a lot thicker and gives a more flawless glossy finish to the nails. So I would say, pick the gel effects top coat for sure. But they both last just as well on the nails
 Left: glossy top coat. Right: gel effect top coat
When it comes to the colors, I found that all the reds, pinks and corals where on the sheer side and definately needed at least 3 coats to look somewhat opaque, but they won't go fully opaque no matter how much you put on, you may like that but I prefer creamy opaque colors any day. I'm not sure if this is the case with all their reds and pinks, I hope not.
The blue, green, yellow and gray Shades were all very opaque, they go on a little darker than they look in the bottle, wich I wasn't all that pleased with. But they are definately opaque and colorful. And I can see a lot of people loving these fun colors. My favorite will definately have to be the light blue color, I can see myself wearing that a lot this summer.

I have worn all Shades for 3 days now, and for some reason, the grey is chipping way worse than the others. The others looked decent for about a day and a half. Next time I wear them, I will definately be using my essence gel base and top coat with them. I have to say, that I think they take a long time to dry properly. You definately want to apply very thin coats and let them fully dry between applications. I didn't do that at first, and I had to do them all over Again. Most nail polishes chip on me within 24 hours, I have brittle nails and nothing seem to last on me, so these lasted a little above average for me, and I bet that with the right base coat (Essence gel base) they will last me a lot better. I like how opaque most of these are. But I prefer nudes and purples, wich they also have in their collection, I may have to pick up a few of the purples.
If you fall in love with a particular color, I say go for it! They are affordable and not bad at all. I'm going to see if I can get a little creative with all these new colors.



  1. They have beautiful colors! I never know Yves Rocher has nail polishes too.

    1. These are all newly launched, but Yves Rocher has had other nail polishes available for a very long time.


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