Thursday, February 26, 2015

Shelas rotating cosmetic organizer review

I promised you all a full review of my newest makeup organizer, the Shelas rotating cosmetic organizer. I've had a good play with it and I really really like it!

Price: it was about DKK 249 wich is about £24-25 or about $38

I got mine from a Danish website called Cocopanda but I think it is already sold out. I Know QVC has a similar organizer and I believe it's cheaper than this one, but don't quote me on that. And you could probably even find something similar on Ebay.

Let's get to the fun part, what did I fill this makeup monster with?

UD naked 2, Too faced loves Sephora palette, MUR iconic 3, ELF eyelash curler
MUR essential mattes, MUR chocolate palette, MUR 32 piece palette in flawless

Let's start with the palettes. This organizer has room for about 5-6 palettes depending on the thickness of the palette. The room is divided into Little slots and you cannot modify the wideness of these slots, I know you can with other similar organizers. This room goes all the way through the organizer so you can easily store long palettes, like the naked palettes.

Gosh lip lacquers, Too cool for school lip balm, Nivea lip butter, Body shop Lilly Cole quad,
2 Essence quads, VOV Castledew palette, pigment samples.

Next we have 3 small-medium slots that could be used for nail polish or small palettes. I stored a few of my more "alternatively packaged" lip glosses from gosh a few quads and some lip balm. In the bottom slot, I also have all my Little pigment sample baggies, they are behind the VOV palette.

Shara Shara stick highlight, MUR blush lacquer, Physicians formula nude Wear blush,
ELF lip scrub, Gosh prime n set, New CID baked bronzer

Here we have 2 medium-large slots. This was the last side I filled. So it contains a Little bit of everything that did not fit into the other slots. So it's great for the more bulky products as well. You could also store your small-medium sized palettes here.

Essence powder, Maybelline powder, MUR matifyer, Gosh BB powder, Seventeen primer, ELF higlighter,
MUR radiant light, 3 eye primer samples, 2 Benefit beam samples.
This side consists of 10 slots with dividers. These dividers cannot be removed like they can in some of these type of organizers. That's a minus in my book but I made it Work. I put my face powders and compact primers/mattifyers in the top. The bottom was a Little harder to fill, as the back of the palettes are peeking trough here. But I put in 2 highlighters and some travel sized primers and liquid higlights.

ELF complete coverage concealer, LA girl pro coneal, Maybelline instant age rewind concealer,
Gosh BB and CC creams, Skin 79 BB cream, Dr. Jart BB cream, Gosh Foundation, Labelyoung ZZ cream.

This side consists of a small slot and a large slot. I used the small one for my concealers, and it Works great for that. The large slot I filled up with Foundation, BB's and CC's It could probably also be used for skincare products or medium sized palettes.

Revlon skinlights, Gosh blush quad, Gosh bronzer, Maybellinge master hi-lite, Baby skin primer,
MUR contour kit, Essence cream blush, MUR cream blush (not in the Picture)

The last side is a little random. it consists of a medium slot and a small slot. I added some of my face products to this. I realized I had not added a lot of blushes to this organizer so far, so I used this Space for blushes and some other Things I wanted to make a point of using more, and my favorite liquid highlight.

And last but not least, there is the top. It can hold 18 lipsticks and about the same amount of lip glosses. This is pretty genious, the slots get deeper and deeper towards the middle, so it can hold your liners, brushes, mascaras and jumpo pens. I managed to cram in 18 lipsticks, 9 glosses, 8 jumbo lip pens, 5 mascaras, 4 jumbo eye pens and 9 lip- and eye liners. Phew, that's a lot of products. I did not want to add any brushes as I have a container for them stading next to this organizer.

Just to give you an idea of the limited Space I have to work with. I have no desk or vanity area, The only big mirror I have is right next to this setup. So this is such a life saver. This area used to be a complete mess and Things would fall down and break all the time.

This organizer is amazing. It allows me to display a BIG part of my makeup Collection and makes it easier to not get stuck in the same routine. I would rotate my Collection every week or so before. Now I can go months without having to do that. It's such an easy way to highlight the products that you want to use more and it just looks amazing too.

Now don't judge, but I cant walk past this without giving it a Little twirl... Hehe every time I see it I stil get wow'ed by how cool I think it is. I'm thinking about getting another one for my single shadows and nail polishes, perfumes and such. So yeah I'm very very pleased with this organizer, the only thing I would change is the fact that the little dividers can't  be removed, like they can in the one from QVC. But I totally recommend you check these out.


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  1. Can you tell me the measurements? I don't know if it will fit on my makeup table :-)


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