Monday, April 20, 2015

Physicians formula, Shimmer strips, Custom nude palettes

I have been wanting these ever since they came out last year. And I finally got around to purchasing. I love Physicians formula, but the brand is not available in Denmark, and it's one of the more difficult brands to buy online, if you live in Denmark. So I finally gave up, and got them off Ebay. I haven't had them for very long, but I've been using them every single day since I got them.

Price: $12,95 each, but I got 20% off my order. I ordered 6 items in total and shipping for everything was about  $16,75 so pretty decent in my opinion.

Packaging: The packaging is so cute! and the quality is better than I expected. I have an old nude eyes shimmer strip and the quality is not as great as these. Some may find these a bit bulky, but I don't mind, and considering how multi purpose these are, I find them quite compact. In the back you have a compartment with a mirror, eyeshadow brush and face brush. I probably won't be using the brushes though. You get 7,5 grams of product per palette.

There are 2 palettes to choose from: Warm or natural. I "had" to get both.

These little palettes are made to be used in several different ways, as eyeshadow, blush, bronzer and highlight. And although I find these to be very versatile, I probably would not use them as bronzer. But I love to use them as eyeshadows and highlighters. I even use it as blush, but when I do, I skip the highlighter. These are all pretty metallic/pearly they are not glittery at all. But if you don't like a glowy cheek, then this may not me for you.


I'm positively surprised about how pigmented and soft these are. Compared to my old nude eyes shimmer strip, these are so much better. Pigmentation is great, and they blend very well. The old nude eyes shimmer strip was a lot harder to work with and a lot less pigmented, so the formula has definately improved.

I'm very very pleased with these little palettes. I feel like these palettes are equally great as eyeshadow, blush and highlight. And in my experience with other multi purpose products, that's hard to get right. I've tried several products, that are supposed to be multi purpose, but I often find that they don't perform equally well everywhere on the face. So big thumbs up!

Swatched with no primer, I mistakenly called the "natural" palette the "neutral" palette, sorry.

Now I admit, these may not be for everyone. I personally love these and would totally recommend them, although I'm normally not a fan of shimmery blush, I do really love these. And I can see myself traveling wit these all the time. BUT I realize that the color selection may not Work for everyone, especially if you want to use them as blush. I'm quite pale, so the pink colors show up nicely on my skin. But if you have a deeper skintone you may not be able to use these as blush. I find the warm palette to work best for blush, as it has the most suitable pink shade.

As for staying power, I have no complaints. with a good eye primer, these last me just as long as any of my other good quality eyeshadows. And as a face product they last equally long as my other good quality face products. So big thumbs up!

So what it all comes Down to is, do you like shimmer? and are these colors your cup of tea? if yes, then I say get them! you won't regret it. But if you hate shimmer or you don't think these colors would work for you, then you should definately skip these.

would you be interested in these? have you tried them?




  1. i'm interested, they look gorgeous and i also have very pale skin x

    1. I have been enjoying them so much, ever since I got them. Pretty sure they will be in my next favorites post as well.

  2. These look fab, especially the packaging x

    1. The packaging is adorable. I really love using these, they are so pretty as highlights.

  3. Pretty colors!

  4. I can't say I use makeup but theres always the first time, hehe. Wanna be blog buddies?

    1. Hehe how did you even find my blog? Pretty sure my boyfriend would love your blog. Thanks for taking the time to comment :) And if you decide to do a makeup look, pleeeze post a Picture :)


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