Friday, May 1, 2015

April favorites!

I have been trying out a lot of new things throughout April, and May is going to be even more crazy. I have found some true holy grail favorites this year, but I can't keep showing you the same favorites each month hehe, so let me just mention my Maybelline Instant age rewind concealer, the LA girl pro concealer and my NYC jumbo lippie in "riverside rose" and get on with some new favorites.

First favorite is a lip combo. The Maybelline color elixir in "mauve mystique" and a long wearing lip laquer from Ebay ( a dupe for the Lime Crime "Cashmere") This combination is awesome! the color elixir does not break Down the lip laquer and the color elixir kinda Sticks on the the lip laquer and something magical just happens. This combo will last for hours on end, and it will still look glossy and feshly Applied after 5-6 hours so I just love this combo!

Maybelline lash sensational mascara: this is my new favorite drugstore mascara, and I have not used any other mascara since I got this one.

Physicians formula: The nude Wear powder is a repurchased favorite, I used my last one up so fast! I am so happy to have this powder Again, and I have been using it a lot. The nude Wear custom shimmer strips palettes are amazing! I have been using them as my highlight and eyeshadow a lot this month, and I know that these will be by my side all summer.

Because of all the new products I have lined up to try, I will probably not be doing a palettes of the month post for a month or 2. I just have too many things to try, to be using one or two palettes consistently throughout a month.

What's your favorite products at the moment?



  1. I love the packaging on those blushers/bronzers x

  2. Those bronzers look so pretty!

    1. They are amazing. Not so much as bronzer but as highlight and eyeshadows. I love them :)


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