Friday, May 1, 2015

Essence Love & Sound LE - first impressions

I wanted to get this post out fast, while you can still get the limited edition products. I bought mine from they ship Worldwide and it's my only way to get Essence in Denmark. So if you are interested in this Collection, you should go check out that site. (not sponsored, but if you are reading Kosmetik4less, I wouldn't mind) hehe.

I did not get every single product in this line. There were 3 baked shadows, a coral lipstick, some bronzing papers, heel protection pads and 3 other nail polish colors, that I did not pick up.

But let's talk a Little about the Things that I did buy.

This is a multi style eye liner. It's quite a strange Little thing to look at. But it does apply nicely and it was not as hard to use as I thought it would be. The finish is a little on the glossy side, so if you are looking for a true matte liquid liner, this is not your jam. It's not waterproof, but it's definately long lasting. Great quality product in my opinon.

This is their long lasting lipstick, in the limited edition color "Glastonberry" I adore this shade! it's that perfect cool toned greyish nude that I love. It seems a little softer and more emollient than the other long lasting lipsticks, but the color is amazing! Definately recommend it!  Sorry for not including a lip swatch but I woke up with a giant Cold sore on the lip, so I thought I would spare you, and myself the nasty closeup.

This is a limited edition nail polish in the color "Glastonberry" It's a desert matte finish, wich Means it dries Down somewhat matte and has a tiny bit of a sandy texture to it. I am wearing it with a top coat on my thumb, and without a top coat on my pinky. I absolutely love this color! I want every possible makeup item that comes in this type of shade NOW!

This is the ombre blush. I have one similar to this already, but in more peachy tones. This is a very wearable and neutral colored blush. It's not matte but it's not sparkly either, just the right amount of sheen. I absolutely adore this! It's not heavily pigmented, wich makes it pretty fool proof, and you can still build it up to a decent level of color. It's great if you are pale, light or medium in skin tone, but I doubt it would do much for deeper complexions. I do love it for the fact that it's not too pigmented, as I find that can be too much for my pale skin. Definately love this!
Last but not least, we have the cuticle tattoos. I have never seen anything like this before, but I think it's really cool. I'm wearing a few of them in my nail polish Picture earlier in this post. And I really think they add a little something something to the overall look. I actually consider going back and getting some backups of these, they are just so cute!
So overall I'm really happy with everything I picked out. I love these types of Shades and the quality of the products is great. I recommend every single item above. Just keep in mind that the liner is a little glossy and the blush is very subtle. I'm definatley going to get a lot of use out of these Things.


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