Thursday, June 18, 2015

Makeup Revolution Protection palette

Ever since Makeup Revolution launched these Protection palettes, I have been intriqued by them. Wouldn't it be nice to have almost all your face makeup packed into one palette? I mean all you need is a little Foundation and you are good to go! So I finally caved in, and got the "light" palette. There i also a "light/medium" "medium" and "medium/dark" palette, so there should be one for most skin tones.

Price: £6 or about $9 at Makeup Revolutions webpage.

Packaging: Sleek, black plastic palette. It seems sturdy and I'm definately pleased with the quality. Definately travel friendly as well.
You get 3 concealers, 1 face powder, 1 matte bronzer, 1 matte blush and 1 highlighting powder. So all you need is a little Foundation and some eye makeup, and maybe a lipstick and you have yourself some travel friendly makeup!

If you are very pale like me, you will be surprised to find that these concealers are super light. The lightest one is almost too light for me, just almost. The texture is super creamy, almost a little slippery, without feeling too greasy. They blend nicely into the skin, and does not leave me feeling oily. I really enjoy using these concealers, but if you have dry patches under the eyes, you may not enjoy these as much. They do tend to cling to any dryness, accentuating it quite a bit. But if you have normal to oily skin, these are great. I do recommend setting them, so they don't crease too much. They are not full coverage, but a good medium coverage, wich I prefer.
The face powder is not bad, but it's nothing ground breaking either. It sets my makeup nicely, it doesn't look too obvious, but it does not controll my oils or anything. But it's nice to have, I sometimes use it to blend my bronzer out.
The bronzer is matte, a little on the dark side for me and warm toned. This is definately not the ideal contouring powder, but I have contoured with it and it turned out nice enough to where I would do it Again. But it's definately better used, to warm up your complexion and add a little "faux tan" effect.
The matte blush is a nice neutral everyday pink. It blends easily and the pigmentation is just right. It could have been a little lighter, but that's just the personal opinion of a ghostly pale gal. I think this blush would suit everyone and I like that it's matte. It's easy to work with, and I really like it.
The highlighter is a great everyday highlighter. It's not extremely shimery or intense. It's quite subtle, yet gives me just the right amount of sheen without any shimmer or sparkle. Very beautiful pinky "lit from within" type of highlighter.
highlight, blush, bronzer, powder and concealers
I'm very very pleased with this palette. I did not expect to like every single product in this kit. And although they are not worthy of Holy grail status, I am pleased with everything. All the products work for me, there is none of the Shades or textures that I can't use, and there is not a bad product in this kit. Ofcourse I have better setting powders, and other favorite concealers. But if I look at this palette as a whole, I definately think it's got a place in my collection, and in my travel purse.
Using every single product in the palette
 I find myself constantly reaching for this palette, it's just so convenient to have everything in the same place, and I definately recommend this! I would repurchase this in a Heart beat, and I can actually see myself hitting pan on this! wich doesn't happen to me very often. So big thumbs up from me.



  1. This product seems great! I wonder they have the peachy shade too or not. I don't really like pink blushes..

    1. I think this is the only blush color they have in these protection palettes. They do have other blush palettes, but in this line, they all look pinky. But it's quite a neutral pink, I'm not usually a fan of pink either, but this is pretty natural.

  2. Super fin :-) Elsker i det hele taget bare MR!

    1. Det gør jeg godt nok også! Og de er så hurtige til at komme med nye ting, så der er altid noget nyt og spændende at prøve fra dem. Har ikke fået handlet fra deres "søster"-mærke Freedom endnu. Jeg venter lige til de har fået lidt flere ting på siden, men det ser lovende ud, måske ligner det lidt for meget MUR men stadigvæk...:)

    2. Har du for resten fået prøvet dine nye Essence læbestifter?


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