Monday, May 4, 2015

Sephora haul

I've been a naughty naughty gal! I decided to celebrate my engagement (yup I'm getting married guys!) So recently I went on a Little shopping adventure, including trains, chocolate chip frappés and lots of beauty small talk.

I have the hardest time, finding brow products for my blonde brows. But I decided to give Benefit a try, so I got the "Gimme brow" and "instant brow".

I also caved in and jumped on the band wagon, and got the Too Faced chocolate bar palette. I have the Makeup Revolution dupe, so I will be comparing these palettes in a post.

I decided to try out the Benefit Porefessional, I got a tiny size, just to try it out.

I also got the new Selfie powders from Too Faced, that I have already reviewed, and a lip ink from Sephoras own line.

AND I got myself a NARS Audacious lipstick in the shade "Anita" I also wanted to get "anna" but I couldn't find it.

I've only tried everything once or twice, but I will definately put all these to the test and give you guys some reviews soon.



  1. Congratulations for your engagement and of course wedding! Wish you a lot of happiness for the future. What a lovely haul! I tried two palettes from Makeup Revolution and for the original price, they are amazing. I am planning to get them ordered directly from the site.
    I wish I could find a way of laying my hands on the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes. I have been lusting for a very long time now.


    1. Thank you so much :) What country do you live in? I'm sure there is some webshop that shipst to your country that has the Too Faced chocolate palette.

      I do love my makeup revolution palettes though. They are pretty great for the Price, but I was soo curious to try the real thing, I'm wearing it for the first time today, and so far it's awesome!


    2. I live in India. There are a rare few sites which do; but for the shipping cost and customs, the hole in pocket becomes too big. :P

      I have been beauty blogging for a long time now. But, I hate to bombard links. If you like, do take a peak at my blog as well. I would love it if you do. :)


    3. Oh I know about shipping and customs, I always end up spending waaay too much on products from the US. Feel free to leave the link to your blog in your comments, I don't mind at all :)

  2. Congratulations. I have the Chocolate Bar Palette, it's amazing and love how it's scented too. The NARS lipsticks are fab, I have one of them in a really bright pink x

    1. I really really liked the look I did with it today. It seems quite promising. I have yet to really Wear the NARS lippie as my lips are still a bit funky from my Cold. Thank you so much, I can't believe I'm getting married. My Fiancé (still haven't gotten used to that Word) is not the most romantic of men, so I was surprised that he said yes. Yup I asked him, hooray for mordern day equality haha :)

  3. I have that lipstick from Nars and I love it! My favourite shade is Anna, it's so pretty! I'm thinking about get the Chocolate Bar too!

    1. I really wanted Anna, but I think it was sold out, I couldnt find it anyways. I have been wanting to get the chocolate bar ever since it came out, but I'm notmally not one to splurge on expensive makeup. I don't know what came over me with this haul hehe.


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